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Tipping the needle
on climate change

Tipping the needle
on climate change


Climate change is one of

the defining challenges of our time



To help reduce and reverse GHG emissions

through the identification and development

of underappreciated technologies

that can make a dramatic difference

What we do


Commercialize underappreciated climate solutions

Wind Energy

Enabling the Airborne Wind Energy  (AWE) sector by providing a ground breaking ultra-efficient fluid power ground station with power smoothing.

Solar Energy

Addressing daily energy supply/demand mismatch for solar power through thermal energy storage in dispatachable concentrated solar power (D-CSP). 

Helping the building industry replace GHG-intensive materials with superior components made with carbon-negative materials.


We’re Good at Research & Innovation







Airborne Wind Energy (AWE)

We believe that AWE provides a great opportunity to supplement conventional wind energy generation in a portfolio of sustainable generation technologies required in order to meet growing energy demands and challenging climate targets set by nations worldwide.


AWE systems use fast-flying tethered wings that can harvest energy from stronger and more consistent winds at higher altitudes than conventional wind turbines while using a small fraction of the materials. As a result, they promise electricity generation at much lower cost and enable economical deployment over a much wider geographic range.

Based on our previous extensive analysis, simulation work, and field experience, we have demonstrated with sufficient confidence level that our highly efficient FPGS technology, with energy storage for power smoothing, has the capacity to lower LCOE of an AWE system by a ground-breaking 30-40% across all wind classes, for the same wing, compared to the best competing ground-station technologies currently used, or anticipated.


We strongly believe this significant competitive edge firmly establishes the business case for our FPGS as an essential commercially enabling component of AWE.


Modular Dispatchable Solar Power

Energy 24/7 - Fossil-to-solar tipping point


The remarkable reduction of PV panel cost proved that renewable energy can be cheaper than fossil energy - but only in the middle of the day.

However, we need energy 24/7, with demand often peaking at night.  To complete the transition, the sun’s energy must be stored and dispatched on demand. Terrajoule accelerates the transition.

Critical Cost Factor - Energy Storage

For PV+BATTERY, the cost of energy storage dominates the cost of fully-dispatchable solar power.


Terrajoule’s patented DSM storage innovation leapfrogs battery cost, at a fraction of the cost of lithium-ion batteries from day 1.  


There is already massive worldwide capacity to manufacture GWh of this storage capacity, without spending a penny on “gigafactories”.




Innovating the building construction industry by

  • Supporting the development of carbon-negative biomaterials and identifying pathways for their adoption within the built environment in order to replace traditional GHG-intensive materials such as steel and concrete.

  • Creating new structures and processes for faster and more efficient building construction with a minimal carbon footprint.

  • Designing retrofit systems for existing buildings to lower operational emissions and extend building life.

Building Materials



Alex Lau

Co-Founder & CEO


Angel investor, manager and entrepreneur. 18 years of experience in angel investing and 22 years in management, including 15 years of entrepreneurial experience in clean technology start-up companies. Background in IT as an engineer and manager in Silicon Valley and China. 

Dr. Frédéric Bourgault, PhD

CTO & Principal Scientist


Over 20 years' experience in airborne wind energy, dynamics, estimation and control, active sensor networks, smart structures, field robotics and mechatronics design. 

Dave Burgess, MEng., PEng.

Cleantech Program Manager


Hardware product commercialization leader with 30+ years of experience across wind energy, precision electro-optical machinery, aerospace and entertainment device industries. Skills include team leadership, product management and technology business strategy. 

Mohammad Malekian, PhD

Senior Mechanical Designer


Over 10 years' experience in mechanical design, manufacturing processes, structural materials, GD&T drawings, analytical modeling and FE simulation.   

Ehsan Ebrahimnia, PhD

Senior Thermal Mechanical Specialist


Experience in heat transfer, fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, and water-energy nexus technologies. ‎10+ years of experience in mathematical modeling, programming, process simulation and CFD, with a focus on solar thermal technologies.

Hamed Habibi, PhD

Senior Mechanical and Mechatronics Specialist


Experienced in experimental fluid dynamics, analytical modeling and numerical solutions. Designed and built several optomechanical platforms. Developed image processing codes, programmed linear/rotary stages and pneumatic actuators.

Elena Every

Climate Solutions Analyst


Multidisciplinary researcher with a background spanning chemical engineering design, project finance and implementation strategy. Experienced in market research, techno-economic analysis and predictive modeling.


Owen Cramer

Intellectual Property Manager


In addition to our core team, we have established collaborative partnerships with over ten contractors from industry and academia to leverage their expertise in areas such as project management, engineering and simulation.


Skills & Facilities

Our team of technical expertise is world-class and multi-disciplinary spanning a large array of the essential disciplines required to successfully conduct our projects.

  • Techno-Economic analysis

  • Dynamic systems modeling

  • Simulation and control

  • Advanced hydraulic systems

  • High-efficiency energy storage and energy conversion systems

  • Automation

  • Aircraft design

  • Fluid-structure interactions

  • Prototype fabrication and field testing


Our facilities include office space for engineering work, complete with powerful computing facilities for CFD and FEM analysis, an instrumentation laboratory, composite fabrication room and machine shop facilities for conducting prototype development and testing.

Through our network of suppliers, collaborators and contractors, we have access to a range of industrial manufacturing and integration facilities in North America, Europe, India, and China.



We are building a top notch team that can incubate ‘green’ tech that has the potential to tip the needle on climate change.



Let’s Work Together

Let’s Work Together


1177 West Hastings Street, Suite 500

Vancouver, BC, Canada, V6E 2K3

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